hello mr. wilde charleys dad hello im ben can u give him access so i can upload my coL YOUTube videos on to HIs new wbesite ?T hanks no | 123




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hello im charley wilde

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NOTE: This post will be updated soon with more detail.

This is a great lag free server. Mainly focused on factions an Mcmmo. It has very friendly staff who will help you in any way they can. You can use good commands even with out donating, such as:

  • /tpa   (Request a teleport to another player)
  • /nick   (It give you a nick name)


Thats pretty good for free.






The server is having financial problems so be kind :) and donate. You will recieve special ranks for your donations.

Donation Link:

Enjoy the server!



And also when you get on the server please say you found the server through this website. Thanks




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This is a Towny server which also has factions! It is great for building with friends and having fun! It has a small lag problem which could be good for some and bad for others. But when I first joined it it diddn't matter becuase i was having so much fun!

Current Staff:

Goliathan  lothartx

Admin: MINI_ANGLE  jrcat  RealBrick

Mod: toastycoke91  Burrowdizzy

Ok i've edited it and put all the correct information in. It also has two towns: Troidville and Coronando (Which I am the mayor of) and the server is building in popularity quickly. You do not need a invite to join any towns on the server. And i'm sorry about Coronando's /t spawn it doesnt work for no apparent reason, but we are working on it! But in Troidville the town spawn is the regular spawn.

/t join Coronando

/t join Troifville

Have Fun



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IP: jordmine.no-ip.info

A great faction server with hunger games and a PVP arena.

Currunt Staff:

Owner: mufc1000

Head Admin: MINI_ANGLE

Admin: mnmissocool  toastycoke91

Mods: lordziggy  joelg12

This is a English server with a English time zone. Come play today!

Server Opening Times:

Mon - 4PM-10PM
Tue - 4PM-10PM
Wed - 4PM-10PM
Thur - 4PM-10PM
Fri - 4PM-11PM
Sat - 10AM-11PM
Sun - 10AM-10PM